Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Exercise Time is Me Time

One of the biggest reasons I don't work out regularly is because I am just too darned lazy  busy. Some days I have so much going on I just want to chill in front of the computer or TV and not have to use my brain for awhile. Then I realized how fat I was getting and decided to start walking and going to the gym. I started to look forward to the time I exercised and realized that Exercise time is Me time.

I put in my earbuds, listen to some music and tune the rest of the world out. My thoughts are my own and have nothing to do with work, family, school, life, whatever. They are about nothing except getting a workout  and feeling good. I don't have to deal with problems, complaints, or any negativity. I can just tune out.

So next time you are making excuses about not working out just remember it is your time, you deserve. Take 30 minutes to an hour and treat yourself to a good workout. You will be more relaxed, healthier, and feel better.

Still don't have time to exercise? Think of it this way:
Do you have time to get sick?
Do you have time for diabetes?
Do you have time to have a heart attack? 
Do you have time to die young, fat, and unhealthy? 

Now get of your fat lazy behind and go workout! 

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